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Insulator Washers

Insulator Washers

Live Line Insulator Washers

Power outages due to flashover of contaminated high voltage insulators is an increasing problem in most areas of the world. Live line washing of substation, distribution and transmission insulators is often the most productive method to maximize system performance.

Translink offers a wide variety of well-proven insulator maintenance equipment to wash all types of contaminant from insulators - in most cases while the lines are still energized.

The Insulator Washer packages can be operated by crews working from the ground, climbing the structure, remote controlled tele-washing or operating from a vehicle-mounted aerial platform.

Various types of units - skid mounts, trailers or packages that can be adapted to aerial device equipment allow the users to choose the appropriate insulator washer best suited to the particular conditions.

Important considerations in selecting the appropriate options are system voltage, insulator type, height of insulators to be washed, severity of the contamination and frequency of washing, wind conditions and access to the structures.

Live washing of insulators, even at the highest voltage levels, is possible with the correct nozzle pressures, water quality and safe washing distances recommended by Translink.

Various capacities of water tank are available, from 2000 to 18000 litres with standard sizes being 6500 and 4700 Litres.


Power source

Critical to save the life of the carrier truck's engine on skid mounts and practical on aerial mounts allowing the boom to be used as a non washing aerial device with the skid pack removed.

Diesel engine suitably rated with 12 volt starting motor; fuel filter; oil filters; fuel primer; heavy duty radiator; alternator; battery; silencer; full lockable engine cowling and solenoid operated automatic throttle. The engine stops automatically at low water tank level to safeguard pump operation.

Pumping and water system

Four-stage high pressure centrifugal pump with outboard ball bearing;

Balanced impellers and replacement wear rings;

Suction line from tank to pump suitably sized for maximum efficiency of pump;

High pressure lines to hose reels equipped with two shut-off valves and pressure gauge;

Pump equipped with a constant by-pass circuit for water circulation and pump shock protection when wash gun trigger is released.

IW-Conductivity-Meter1 IW-Conductivity-Meter2

A "plug and go" removable instrument panel with quick disconnect weather-tight sockets allows for easy replacement of damaged parts or service works.

Instruments include:

• high pressure water gauge;

• tachometer and hours run meter;

• oil pressure, water temperature; fuel gauges;

• voltmeter; circuit breakers;

• constant conductivity monitor and set points;

• keyswitch; swichgage control;

• constant water flow indicator;

• battery indicator.

Constant conductivity monitor

The monitor is located at the operator's control station to provide a constant indication of the water quality in the tank.

A pre-settable alarm warns if conductivity of the water is above the recommended level for the system voltage of the insulator being washed.

Automatic throttle control

The engine throttle can be manually pre-set to the desired speed to obtain recommended water pressures. Selecting the control switch to 'automatic' holds the engine at 'idle' until the wash gun is activated.

Engine speed will then increase to the pre-set rpm. When the wash gun trigger is released the engine returns to 'idle'.

Hose reels

One or two mechanical rewind hose reels with 150 ft of 1 inch high-pressure hose with Quick Release Couplings (QRCs). Reels have large diameter centre drums to eliminate damage to high - pressure hose. Optional electrically operated rewind hose reels are also available. Hose rollers are fitted as an optional extra.

For telescopic washers spring tension hose reels are mounted on the side of the booms with hose rollers.

IW-Hose-Reel-Boom IW-Hose-Reel


Main earthing cable - 26 metres long with one earth stud clamp and one tower clamp.

Wash gun earthing cable - 6 metres long with one gun clamp and one tower clamp.

Standard cables are lightweight Aluflex 50 mm2 complete with lugs and clear plastic sleeving (copper cables optional). Cable reels can also be supplied as options.

Water tank

Low profile 4mm thick 304 or 316 stainless steel water tank with baffles and including:

  • Access cover;
  • Suction outlet and stainless steel strainer;
  • Low water warning and engine shut-down float switches;
  • Constant conductivity monitor probe;
  • Water level sight gauge;
  • Water by-pass pipe from pump and tank drain with valve.

Tanks in rectangular form for skid and trailer mount and semi-elliptical for Tele-Boom Insulator Washers and Aerial Boom applications.

Portable conductivity tester

Optional meter with dip probe used to check water quality at source, if necessary, prior to filling the water tank.


The Industry's Leading Insulator Washers

Translinks's line of heavy-duty, high-cycle insulator washers is the product of the company's rich heritage for providing specialized equipment to satisfy specific needs. Washing power line insulators is a serious job that requires the most reliable equipment.

Translink washers are a precise combination of heavy-duty components and intricate controls designed to protect the operators and machine, while providing maximum comfort.

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