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A Series

Features of the Ranger A Series


Manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic insulated against accidental contact up to a test voltage of 3,000v.

The cage is fitted as standard with one or two Operator Harness anchor points depending on the model.

Knee bars are standard on the access portholes.

The cage automatically maintains its horizontal operating position using a mechanical leveling system.


Fully hydraulic boom controls.

Standard single controls in cage – optional dual controls at base.


Full hydraulic 'A' frame stabilisers fitted with foot plates to reduce ground pressures.

The stabiliser cylinders are fully protected against external damage, by being contained within rectangular hollow tubes.

Interlock valves are fitted as standard.


The Articulated booms are designed to provide maximum strength with minimum weight.

All boom cylinders are fitted with lock valves as standard to prevent descent in the unlikely event of hose failure, making them "Fail Safe".

The booms are interlocked with the stabilisers to prevent elevation until the stabilisers are deployed and the machine is level.


The Ranger A Series Models are all fitted with substantial sub-frames designed to take all the loadings imposed by the operation of the booms and transmit them directly to the stabilisers.

Power Supply

The Hydraulic pump is driven directly from the Vehicle engine via a power take off (PTO).

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