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C Series

Control with Precision and Safety

C Series key features include:

• Fully hydraulic controls,

• Dual Controls at ground and cage,

• Entry into the cage from the ground,

• Safety Link Boom System,

• Near Vertical Operation,

• Single Lever Control for raising 2 booms,

• Steel or Insulated Glass fibre cage,

• Huge payload,

• Rugged and stable,

• Clever Boom design allows low travel height,

• Mounts on all makes of truck,

• Full range of options including custom line and civil defence bodies,

• Meets and exceeds UK and European Standards.

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 C-Series-1 Typical Applications include:

• Road and motorway lighting,

• All types of building,

• Construction,

• Maintenance and inspection work,

• Overhead cable,

• Entertainment and shopping centres,

• Facade and advertising sign work,

• Tree trimming,

• Television radio and communication relay stations,

• Aircraft hangar and tailplane inspection.

High rise work of all kinds.

C Series Specifications
C Series Model Code C-180 C-220 C-225 C-235
Working Height 18m 22m 22.5m 23.5m
Platform Height 16m 20m 20.5m 21.5m
Maximum Out Reach 9.5m 10.5m 11.15m 12.79m
Maximum Safe Working Load 465kg 500kg 350kg 440kg
Cage Lifting Eye 465kg 500kg 350kg 440kg
GVW (Minimum) 11 tonne 15.3 tonne 15.3 tonne 15.3 tonne
Stabiliser Spread 3.05m 4.2m 4.2m 4.2m
Typical Overall Travelling Dimensions
Length 9,150mm 11,000mm 11,660mm 11,690mm
Width 2,500mm 2,500mm 2,500mm 2,500mm
Height (Subject to Truck Mounting) 3,500mm 3,500mm 3,520mm 3,500mm
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