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R - Standard Series

R-S Series

With working heights from 10.19 to 14.3m the all new Translink Ranger R-Standard Series van-mounted access platform is designed to meet all the requirements of the urban lighting maintenance sector.

The Translink Ranger R-Standard Series machines are easy to handle in traffic and provides ample weather-proof spare carrying capacity.

The cage is easy to enter from ground level, providing the user greater protection from moving traffic.

Operation of the booms is smooth and simple with full proportional hydraulic controls and both the unit's zero tail-swing and knuckle projection eliminate the risk of collision during use.

The Translink Ranger R-Standard Series provides proven, reliable access, backed by first class product support and service.


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Ranger R Standard Series Specifications 
 Ranger Model Code  R 120 R 130 R 135 R 140
 Working Height  12.19m 13m 13.8m 14.3m
 Platform Height  10.19m  11m 11.8m 12.3m
Maximum Out Reach 7.02m 8.45m 8.5m 9.06m
Maximum Safe Working Load 200kg 200kg 200kg 175kg
GVW Minimum 4.5 tonne 6.6 tonne 6.6 tonne 6.6 tonne
Stabiliser Spread 2.03m 2.03m 2.49m 2.49m
Typical Overall Travelling Dimensions
Length 7,000mm 7,670mm 7,670mm 7,670mm
Width 2,060mm 2,100mm 2,100mm 2,050mm
Height 3,750mm 2,900mm 3,250mm 3,600mm
Spare Carrying Capacity 700kg 1000kg 1000kg 1000kg
Minimum Mounting Vehicle Requirements
R 120 - 4500kg with a minimum wheelbase of 3.31m
R 130, R 135 & R 140 - 6600kg to 7500kg with a minimum wheelbase of 3.65m
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