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IW Skid and Truck

IW Truck Mountable Skids


Live Line Washing up to 500kV

All units comply with the IEEE-957 international standards.

The standard range of IW-SD Skid and Truck Mounted Live Line Insulator Washers has capacities from 1000 to 10000 litres with optional capacities up to 18000 litres.

This type of insulator washer consists of a completely integrated unit that can be mounted and demounted from the truck chassis as required, freeing the truck for other duties.

The heavy duty, robust full-length steel channel frame assembly is fitted with removable lifting eyes to facilitate easy mount and de-mount. The water tanks are manufactured from high grade stainless steel.


To find out more -

Download the IW Truck-Mountable Skids Leaflet

Download the Spanish IW Truck-Mountable Skids Leaflet

Download the French IW Truck-Mountable Skids Leaflet

IW Truck-Mountable Skid Specifications

Water Flow: 230LPM (62GPM - US)

Pump Pressure: 1000PSI (68 Bar)

 1300L-Skid 1300L-Skid2
IW-SD 1300 Litre Skid 
 2240L-Skid  iw-2240-skid
IW-SD 2240 Litre Skid
 iw-4000-skid 4000L-Skid 
IW-SD 4000 Litre Skid
 iw-4700-skid 4700L-Skid 
IW-SD 4700 Litre Skid
 6500L-Skid iw-6500-skid 
IW-SD 6500 Litre Skid
 8500L-Skid iw-8500l-skid 
IW-SD 8500 Litre Skid
IW-SD 10000 Litre Skid

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