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Fixed Conductivity Meters


Fixed Conductivity Meters - (Permanently fitted to the Washer Unit)

Product code: IW 410040


Probe / Sender Unit (located inside the Tank)

  • Precision built Conductivity Meter.
  • High quality accurate Epoxy Probe built into the base of the Water Tank.
  • Easy to operate with Modern Electronics and sophisticated measuring techniques.
  • Probe fitted with 4m of cable to reach the instruments on the operator control panel.
  • Water proof, with sealed connection to cable plugs outside the Water Tank.
  • All cables complete with compatible fittings at each end.
  • Fully calibrated prior to despatch.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation ATC fitted as Standard at 2% °C.
  • 12v (supplied from washer unit).


Control Panel Instrumentation


a) Water Monitor

  • Clear digital display of water quality in  micro mho/cm (micro siemens/cm).
  • Test button to check Alarm circuit.
  • If water conductivity increases above the pre-set figure either because of water quality or increase in Temperature, the alarm will sound and the test button lights RED.
  • Set Point to pre-set water quality.


b) Operator setting controls

  • Operator selector switch to select 100, 300, 400, 500 Micro Mho/cm (micro siemens/cm), determined by the Operator Manual.
  • Test button to check the figure at which the water quality has been set. When released the display returns to the actual tank water conductivity.



Constant Water Monitor


Operator Setting Control


Download the Fixed Conductivity Meter brochure here