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Wash Gun Parts

Washgun Parts


To find out more about the Wash Gun assembly, parts and tools - Download the Wash Gun leaflet

See table below for detailed pictures and part numbers referring to the picture

E315-0693 Nozzle Assy 1-4
1- E315-0693 Nozzle Assy 1/4"
P310-0108 Tip Extension
2- P310-0108 Tip Extension
P315-0198 Adaptor
3- P315-0198 Adaptor
E315-0200 Deflector Dart
4- E315-0200 Deflector Dart
P315-0197 Body
6- P315-0197 Body
P315-0195 Spring
8- P315-0195 Spring
P315-0196 Insert
9- P315-0196 Insert
P315-0825 Yoke
10- P315-0825 Yoke
P315-0209 Yoke Bushing
12- P315-0209 Yoke Bushing
P315-0824 Trigger
14- P315-0824 Trigger
E315-0211 Housing
16- E315-0211 Housing
P315-0199 Stem
17- P315-0199 Stem
P315-0823 Quick Coupler
18- P315-0823 Quick Coupler
E315-0194 Wash Gun
19- E315-0194 Wash Gun
E315-0694 Nozzle Assy 5-16
E315-0694 (Option) Nozzle Assy 5/16"
P315-0108 Tip Pressure Guage
P315-0108 (Option) Tip Pressure Guage
E315-0696 Pressure Guage
E315-0696 (Option) Pressure Guage
P315-OKit O-Ring Kit
P315-OKit O-Ring Kit
P315-Pin Kit Pin and Screw Kit
P315-Pin Kit - Pin & Screw Kit
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