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IW 440

IW 440


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Standard Features – IW 440

♦ Heavy-duty compact low maintenance steel keel boom design.

♦ Smooth hydraulic jack and boom controls.

♦ Heavy duty mainframe with 4 out and down outriggers with integral hydraulic storage tank.

♦ Narrow jacking width and deep penetration vertical jacks allow levelling up to 8 degrees laterally.

♦ Dual failsafe tele-boom outreach management system.

♦ 135 litre hydraulic tank capacity.

♦ Lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders.

♦ Water and hydraulic swivel allows full 360° continuous rotation.

♦ Four hydraulic stabilisers with stabiliser tele-boom interlocks.

♦ Power by PTO unit fitted to vehicle with interlock indicator.

♦ Translink "plug and go" insulator washer control panel.

IW 440 Specification
Nozzle Height 44m
Max Washing Height 51m
Lateral Nozzle Reach 10m
Number of Boom Sections 6
Max Boom Angle 85o
Min Boom Angle -10o
Nozzle Pressure (PSI) 550
Rotation Continuous 360o
Stowed Travel Length* 11.25m
Stowed Travel Height* 4m
*Subject to truck type
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