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A 125 J


The Translink Ranger A 125J Materials Handler is an Aerial Work Platform designed in compliance with British Standard BS EN280.

The winch assembly complies with US Standards ASME – B30.7 1989 as well as SAE J706a and SAE J881.

The Ranger A 125J is completely interlocked for maximum safety during operations.

Winch & Jib

The Ranger A 125J comes equipped with a Mechanical Jib and Electric Winch with capacity of 100kg.

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Download the Ranger A 125J leaflet

Ranger A 125J Specifications
Max Working Height 12.5m
Max Cage Floor Height 10.5m
Max Out Reach 6.3m

Max Safe Working JIB

Cage Safe Load 90kg
Cage Size 0.66 x 0.66 x 1.1m
Cage Material GRP
Rotation (Continuous) 360o
Insulation 2kV
Boom Shroud Insulation (Optional) 20kV
GVW (Minimum) 3,500kg
Wheel Base (Minimum)