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R - Railway Series

R Railway Series

 R-Railway-3 Standard Features:

♦ 2 stage reverse articulated steel booms with no knuckle protection.

♦ Full pressure proportional hydraulic controls.

♦ Lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders.

♦ Emergency lowering controls at cage and ground.

♦ Emergency rotation controls at ground.

♦ Tubular steel cage.

♦ Automatic cage levelling.

♦ 360° continuous rotation.

♦ 2 x Safety harness points in cage.

♦ Full cage payload in all positions without limit stops.

♦ No stabilisers.

♦ Within rail gauge requirements.

♦ Rolling road scenario.

♦ Booms painted Golden Yellow.

To find out more:

Download the R Railway Series leaflet

Typical Applications:

♦ Bridge maintenance and inspection,

♦ Overhead lighting and cabling maintenance and installation,

♦ Inspection and installation,

♦ All types of building,

♦ Construction,

♦ Maintenance and inspection work,

♦ Facade work,

♦ Tree trimming,

♦ Signal maintenance and inspection etc.

R Railway Series Specifications:
Railway Series Model Code R119G R110G
Prime Mover / Rolling Stock Standard or Self Propelled Railboss / JCB
Working Height 11.9m 11m
Platform Height 9.9m 9m
Rotation 360o Continuous 320o Restricted
Maximum Outreach 6.6m 6.6m
Maximum SWL Standard Cage 300kg 300kg
Maximum SWL Rotating Cage 230kg 230kg
Cage Dimensions 1.74 x 0.85m 1.74 x 0.85m
Rotating Cage (Optional) 180o 120o
1st Boom Movement 110o 110o
2nd Boom Movement 165o 90o
Minimum Mounting Vehicle Requirements
GVW (Minimum) 5000kg 5000kg
Wheelbase (Minimum) 3,500mm 3,500mm
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